Hello and welcome to Azolla Lifestyle. 

Azolla was created by our founder, Jane, a 50 somethinger who loves walking, pilates, weight training (the small pink ones and an extremely patient personal trainer).  She wanted to be able to go from exercise to coffee, groceries, lip wax all in activewear – feeling fully covered, comfortable and stylish. 

Azolla Lifestyle aims to solve the problems of coverage with our high quality range. We make flattering and functional tops, durable high waisted leggings with no front seam for a super comfortable and flattering fit. We use the latest fabric technology (that helps with jiggly bits) to help you move through your day feeling confident.

We are passionate about Australia, supporting Australian women,  Australian companies and especially women in Australia who support their families through sheer hard work. Our creative industry mentor, pattern-maker, cutter, sewer, photographer and website team are all Australian women, and our fabric and printing suppliers, right down to our care label manufacturer are Australian businesses. Unapologetically this is who we are!

We are determined to source and purchase everything in our country as ethically responsibly as we can.  Did we mention we are passionate about Australia?  We are also 1000% passionate about our planet and our future. 

At Azolla, we do not airbrush or embellish our photos, we are family owned, we love a good old fashioned fancy dress party, we laugh at ourselves and we flourish with family, friendship & fun.  The odd glass of wine doesn’t hurt either!

We love our customers and we look forward to hearing from you with comments, jokes, recipes, health tips or just to say hi at team@azollalifestyle.com.au.